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Dance away calories to drumbeats and hip-hop/reggae in the comfort of your home or in a group fitness class with HOT HULA fitness®.  Add sculpt to old school dance with HOT FUSION®.  Our workouts are effective, fun for all ages and fitness levels and easy to follow.  You have nothing to lose, just weight and inches.  Go for it!  

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About Hot Hula Fitness


artist vibez live


Talk Life Radio provides a platform that treats every artists like a star with a video and audio recorded interview and produced performance all broadcasted live from the studio.

What new artists are on your radar? Submit them to and Get Discovered. Powerful Platform. Powerful Content. Powerful Marketing.

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a vets perspective


There's what you think you know...Then there is what's actually happening.  this is a look at the world through the lens of America's finest after service.


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a vets perspective


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Love Myself

love myself


“say it again. i love myself. say it again. i love myself. say it more. i Love Myself!”

Inspiring Survivors to Say It More while focusing on Topics All About Women.